ER Doctor with 2 Years of Stem Cell Knee Pain Relief

POSTED ON 6/2/2013 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

How long does stem cell knee pain relief last for severe arthritis? We treat many medical providers with knee arthritis and other ailments. Why? First, medical providers like doctors, nurses, and physical therapists have (to quote the movie Jerry McGuire) "been to the puppet show and seen all the strings". What I mean by this is that they have seen the big negative consequences that can come with invasive surgeries such as knee replacement, so when they might need one, they look for other options. This morning I'd like to highlight MF who is a 54 year old ER physician who had a 2 year history of knee pain with significant arthritis when he was first seen. Based on his recent communications, he had approx two years of about 75% relief with the Regenexx-SD stem cell procedure. Prior to the procedure, using the elliptical machine at the gym would cause his knee to become painful and swell. After the procedure he didn't have much pain or swelling when he got off the machine. More recently he injured his knee again while doing heavy squats, so now he's coming back for an update treatment. MF's results highlight something we do see in some of our stem cell patients with more severe arthritis and who want to remain very active, update treatments are sometimes needed every few years to keep them moving at the levels they desire!

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