Explain My Knee Arthritis X-ray: The Urban Myth...

POSTED ON 11/16/2014 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

This weekend I was doing some U.S. National of Library Medicine research for an advanced lab project and came across some great papers and graphs on knee arthritis. Most patients come into my office with an imaging study in hand, believing that it is very important in their quest for less knee pain. As I've blogged before, while imaging in arthritis has a role, the research says that it's not so important. In fact, it's only the medical care system itself that keeps perpetuating the urban myth that that a knee x-ray or MRI accurately shows why someone's knee hurts. This Sunday morning, I thought a brief video, "Explain My Knee Arthritis X-ray", would be the best way to show you why the doctor who told you that your knee x-ray proves you need a knee replacement was relying on a 1980s interpretation of arthritis (did he also sport a Mullet?) Enjoy!

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