Helping an Active Woman Avoid Knee Replacement through Stem Cells

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Marilyn (she has allowed us to use her name) was a 69 year old woman with a two year history of knee pain when she first came to see us in 2011. In 2007 and 2008 she had knee debridement surgeries and then in 2009 she had bilateral meniscus tears. At that point she was told that she was a bilateral knee replacement candidate. As an alternative to avoid knee replacement, in November 2011, she had a bilateral Regenexx-AD knee stem cell procedures and recently reported her 9 month outcome to Dr. Hanson: Dr. Hanson, Just a note to let you know that 9 months after my double knee Regenexx treatment, I have given birth to some very effective knees that seem to be serving me well.  My gauge is that I forget about them, even when exercising, which is how they ought to function.  If I bike 14-15 miles or hike 4 miles, they let me know they're there, but if I rest for awhile, without the use of NSAIDs or ice, they're usually good to go.  Not bad for an "ole bag" of 71 y.o. Thank you for your very good use of your skills. Marilyn Brookhart Her pictures showing what she does now with her knees are above!

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