Jarvis Green - Never Quit


 (Video transcript follows) So seventh grade was my first time playing football. Lloyd Middle School. I went out there. We did all the workouts to get on the team. You know, push ups, sit ups. You run for so much. Jump so much. I put on a helmet the first day. I quit the first day of football, in the seventh grade. I think for me, giving up, part of it was, I had a cousin that was twice the size of me, and I had a tackling drill, and coach said, hey, Green, button up your chin strap. This is a big guy. I hit him. I can remember the first time I hit him. I think he hit me. And I was swallowing my mouth piece. So coach said, hey, Green, get back up there. I had to get back up on the line. Then the second time, I think I'm looking through my ear piece. So my helmet was turned to the side, almost. I'm looking through my ear piece. I think I swallowed my mouthpiece this time. And I looked around, and I'm like, this is not me. I took my helmet off, threw it across the field, and I said, I quit. And I remember, the first time at battle, and I quit. I went into the showers. My coach came, and ran me down. And he was, like, hey, hey, Green. I coached both of your brothers. I coached your cousins. You're not going to quit on me. And I guess that was about ten minute conversation, he got me back out there. And I felt like a loser. I went back to the same drill. He started the drill all the way over. He said, hey, Green, get back up here. I had to tackle that same guy every day. Took an entire year. So for as liking football-- I think I started loving football in the 10th grade. From that point, because it was-- just an emotional ride. But I did everything more for just-- I didn't want to be a loser after that. I think my last surgery-- they say it was a scope, but it was more than a scope. A scope doesn't have you out for six months. A short window after my last surgery, my knee went downhill. With the pain, flexion, extension, I couldn't walk up the stairs. I couldn't walk down the stairs. When I would ride in the airplane, I would get up every five minutes to kick my leg out. And it was the same thing with a car. So I was at the point leaving New England, went to Denver, and I said, I had to find something that could help me without having surgery. And I'm going to do what I can to stay on the field. But I think-- when the day that I met them, it changed my life. After I had the injections, three days later, all my pain went away. My inflammation went away. My range of motion went back to 100%. I say, in three weeks, myself and Dr. John Schultz were riding bike in Vail, on the hills, in three weeks. My back was against a wall, because I had training camp. I was supposed to rest for eight weeks. I couldn't. So I went to training camp, and I remember-- passed the conditioning test. I think I ran one time since the off season work out. I was biking. And I was just swimming. That's all I was doing. Thank God for Denver hills. And that's all I did. And I want to training camp. Passed the conditioning test. Didn't miss a day of practice. Went into Denver, I mean, started-- I was on the first string team. And did everything that I was supposed to do in an NFL training camp. So you tell me what's the difference? You tell me if stem cell does not work? I mean, I'm playing professional football, doing two-a-days. So to come through stem cell after three weeks, and to have that edge, and to feel that way, that was a miracle.

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