Jarvis Green and Stem Cells

POSTED ON 11/17/2010 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

Jarvis Green is a 2 time super bowl champion who had a failed lateral knee meniscus surgery. The patient also had lost cartilage under the knee cap. He was frustrated with his lack of results with traditional orthopedic surgery and in the 2009 season he missed 3 games due to knee surgery. The patient was referred to us by his physician and agent to see if stem cells would help his knee. He received a stem cell injection in his knee in July of this year. He reports 70% improvement today and has had significant changes in his before and after MRI's. The radiologist noted improvement in the cartilage behind the knee cap. The loss of cartilage behind the knee cap can be a big game changer for many athletes, as this important structure helps the big thigh muscle (quadriceps). Jarvis will be coming back for future treatments.

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