Jarvis Green gets Contract with Houston Texans, Attributes it to Regenexx Stem Cell Injections

POSTED ON 12/15/2010 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

Last month I blogged on how the Regenexx procedures were helping Jarvis Green (a professional football player) get back to his game. Jarvis was a 2 time super bowl champion defensive lineman (previously with the New England Patriots from 2002-2009 and a free agent with the Broncos in 2010) who had failed lateral meniscus surgery on his knee. As a result of his failed knee surgery, he missed three games and was cut by the Broncos this year. Jarvis had the Regenexx-C, Regenexx-SD, and Regenexx-PL procedures to try to get him back to playing football. We are proud to report today that he was signed today by the Houston Texans, passed a team physician physical, and states that he was able to try out in full form without limitations. He attributes his ability to get back to playing to the Regenexx family of procedures. Go Jarvis!

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