Knee ACL Surgery Alternative: Regenexx-ACL Procedure Gets Great Winter Sports Write-up

POSTED ON 2/15/2014 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

knee acl surgery alternative We continue to be amazed as physicians by the before and after MRIs we see every day as a result of the knee ACL surgery alternative used by our practice every day: The Regenexx-ACL procedure. This exacting image guided procedure was just written up in a Vermont Winter Sports Paper, just in time for all those shredded knee ACLs that happen while skiing. We have submitted an imaging case series with computerized analysis of these before and after stem cell torn ACLs for publication and continue to recruit patients into our RCT knee ACL stem cell trial (which is free of charge to the patient). In the meantime, for Vermont's take on a new way to help patients avoid ACL knee surgery, here's the link. From the article, a few patient stories: "Bob Wislow, a 68-year-old skier, experienced years of progressive degeneration of his knee cartilage. He could no longer ski hard pack and knee pain meant he couldn't get up and down the stairs at the lodge. A cortisone shot would help, but the shots were damaging his knees. He considered surgery, but that option meant he'd never ski again.   Bruce Snyder, a 42-year-old runner, cyclist, and weekend warrior from Boulder, CO, tore his meniscus playing soccer. Instead of opting for another surgery-which he had discovered left many patients worse off - he sought an alternative. Jacob Gillis, a 19-year-old student at Colorado U, was skiing last March when he landed awkwardly and heard a "pop" in his knee. An MRI of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) showed a partial tear. His sister had experienced a "pop" as she dove for a volleyball in year's past, she didn't have surgery and was now good as new. Like that sister, all of the athletes above ultimately decided to undergo a new non-surgical procedure that enabled them to regain their high levels of activity and remain pain free."

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