Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery: Following Up on The Doctors Show

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avoid rotator cuff surgery

Can your own stem cells help you avoid rotator cuff surgery? You may have seen our ground breaking stem cell rotator cuff procedure on The Doctor's TV show. Two time Olympian Lloyd Eisler heard about our procedure from his actress wife (Kristy Swanson) who learned of it through another actor whose shoulder we treated. When I first met Lloyd and Kristy on the set of The Doctors show and saw the images of his rotator cuff tear I was impressed at it's size. The tear wasn't small or partial, but complete and large. I had hoped the procedure could help someone in Lloyd's situation, as his shoulder injury was pushing the limits of the technology. Since we taped that show back in the late Spring, Lloyd's now 4 months or so out from his procedure. So how did he do? Here's his statement that I received yesterday:

"In January I was faced with another full thickness tear in my rotator cuff and wondered what my options might be.  Would it be another surgery or possibly something different?  I was introduced to Dr Andrew Blecher who thought I might be a candidate for the new Regenexx stem cell procedure. This new procedure has changed my life, given me a new shoulder and all without invasive shoulder surgery.  I cannot explain how happy I am that I chose this method for my shoulder and now I feel great, have significantly less pain and 100% range of motion.  Thank you Dr Blecher and Regenexx.

-Lloyd Eisler
2-Time Olympic Medalist
Member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame"

The fact that Lloyd did so well is both a testament to Dr. Blecher's procedural skill and the healing power of his own stem cells. Lloyd's story was also followed by the publication of long-term follow-up data on the use of bone marrow stem cells to treat rotator cuff tears that showed a dramatic reduction in re-tear rates more than 12 years after surgery!

The upshot? We're glad to hear that Lloyd is doing so well and wish him the best with his shoulder. I'm also excited that Lloyd is now one of several patients with very large tears who we've been able to help!

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