Does PRP work for Torn or Degenerated Rotator Cuffs?

POSTED ON 10/16/2012 IN Shoulder BY Christopher Centeno

shoulder rotator cuff surgery alternative

Is PRP a shoulder rotator cuff surgery alternative? This will be a quickie this morning as I have to get on a plane to Wisconsin where Ill be lecturing at a University sponsored regenerative medicine conference. Nice study out last week that showed that platelet rich plasma was better than placebo needling for small rotator cuff tears or degenerative tendons. In this study, patients received either two ultrasound guided PRP injections into the shoulder rotator cuff tears or two dry needling sessions (just using a needle only to inject). By 6 months the rotator cuff PRP group was doing about twice as well as the dry needling group. This is the first injection based rotator cuff study where the PRP injections are compared to placebo. It looks like PRP is a shoulder rotator cuff surgery alternative!

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