Exact Placement of Stem Cells into a Rotator cuff Tear

POSTED ON 1/10/2011 IN Shoulder BY Christopher Centeno

Treating a rotator cuff tear with stem cell injection rather than surgery can be difficult, especially when you don't know where the tear is located. Injecting the rotator cuff blind without imaging is a challenge, as it's a deep muscle and placing a needle into it without the ability to see where the needle is going is like driving your car with mud on the windshield-it's possible, just not advisable. This video shows the exact placement of stem cells into a rotator cuff tear of a physical therapist. You can see the needle off to the right (diagonal line) and the supraspinatus tendon/muscle right on top of the humerus bone. This is a cross sectional view of the area. In the last part of the clip, you see something spread from the end of the needle. This is a good shot of the stem cells spreading into the damaged tendon. For this patient, a combination of the Regenexx-PL and Regenexx-SCP procedures were used. Again, as I have blogged in the past, part of the Regenexx difference is the ability to place cells where they're needed with high accuracy. We also have before and after ultrasound images on the same patient that will be posted later this week.

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