Shoulder Labrum Surgery Alternative: One Year Follow-up of a Shoulder Labrum Tear Patient Injected with Stem Cells

POSTED ON 11/25/2013 IN Shoulder BY Christopher Centeno

  shoulder labrum surgery alternative

About a year ago I blogged on a patient with a shoulder labrum tear who wanted to avoid surgery. She was a very active woman who enjoyed Pilates and didn't want extensive downtime. I also highlighted how rather than sprinkling magic stem cell pixie dust somewhere in the vicinity of her shoulder, an exacting image guided injection was performed as a shoulder labrum surgery alternative. Yesterday I pointed out two new studies that show that surgery for a torn shoulder labrum isn't all that successful. So can a stem cell injection help a patient avoid the need for shoulder labrum surgery? Here's an outcome update from an e-mail this patient recently sent: "Hi Doc, It has been one year since you injected my left shoulder, and I wanted to tell you that it is awesome!  I tell people about it all the time, and they find it so hard to grasp...100% and no scars, no downtime....I am so happy with my results and just wanted to say THANKS once again."

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