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Chris Centeno

Chris Centeno

Christopher J. Centeno, M.D. is an international expert and specialist in regenerative medicine and the clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells in orthopedics. He is board certified in physical medicine as well as rehabilitation and in pain management through The American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Centeno is one of the few physicians in the world with extensive experience in the culture expansion of and clinical use of adult stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries. His clinic incorporates a variety of revolutionary pain management techniques to bring its broad patient base relief and results. Dr. Centeno treats patients from all over the US who travel to Colorado to under-go innovative, non-surgical treatments. Dr. Centeno has chaired multiple international research based conferences. He also maintains an active research based practice, with multiple publications listed in the US National Library of Medicine. Dr. Centeno has also served as editor-in-chief of a medical research journal dedicated to traumatic injury. He hails from both Florida and New York and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and three children.

Blog posts by this Author:

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    We have a real problem. We have hundreds of physicians, chiropractors, and alternative-health practitioners who have been lying to patients about injecting them with millions of young stem cells from amniotic fluid and/or umbilical cord tissue. On its face, since there are no living mesenchymal stem cells in these… Read More

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    Many years ago I was in China for business and hadn’t eaten in two days. I ordered a hamburger from room service, and what arrived wasn’t quite a hamburger. That’s how I feel about a new biohacker video that shows Harry Adelson, a naturopath, performing a stem cell procedure. What… Read More

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    Labral tears are always something that freak patients out. Why? Just the concept of something torn in your hip or shoulder is disconcerting. However, now a new study shows that if you have a tear in your hip labrum, you’re more likely to have one in your shoulder. Let’s… Read More

  • Blogging from the Caymans Again…

    This is the sunset last night from the back porch of where I stay in Grand Cayman. I’m down here again for the next two weeks. Why? This is the world’s most advanced interventional orthopedics site. Let me explain. Culture-Expanded Stem Cells Stem cells can be grown to greater… Read More

  • Your Body Is a Stem Cell Machine: Another Reserve Stem Cell Population

    One of the big myths going around right now, started by clinics using dead umbilical cord and amniotic tissue, is that you’re too old to have useful stem cells. All of that is, of course, completely false. If you’re alive, your body has huge populations of stem cells helping… Read More

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    If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. Yesterday, I spoke to a patient from New York who had already had an artificial disc implanted in his back that failed and was contemplating another in his neck. Given that… Read More

  • Liveyon PURE: More Expensive than Gold, but No Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

    The entire “birth tissue in a vial” industry is based off one simple concept. As a doctor, you’re not buying a bottle of amniotic fluid or cord blood; you’re buying a vial of large numbers of young stem cells. This is why 1 cc of this stuff sells for… Read More

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