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Biohacker Gets Biohacked?

POSTED ON IN Latest News BY Chris Centeno

Ben Greenfield recently made the news as the guy who had his perfectly normal penis injected with his own fat stem cells. He recently followed up on that with having his aching back nerves injected with stem cells on Facebook Live. However, did he really have that done, or was it all a scam? Watch the video above to find out…


    Nick cipriano says

    I am told by two ortho surgeons that I need a total hip replacement.
    I walk a mile a day and I have pain when I walk. Nothing crazy. But I do experience pain when I walk. I do limp now and then but I see no improvement even with phy. Therapy..
    I have had injecwwtions that help very little.
    I am 67 years old and Healthy. No issues other than the hip. I will probably get the surgery soon. I’m out of options.
    I have Osteoarthritis in my left hip.

    Please advise.


    Regenexx Team says


    We'd need more information to advise on whether there are other options. If you like us to do that, please submit the Candidate form to the right of the blog. In the meantime, it's very important to make sure the hip is the cause of the pain. Please see:


    alex says
    Hello D.R C my comment is in regards to this article you blogged about 5 years ago in the link above. Sorry there was no comment box in that article, I believe I might have this issue and im currently working on trying to fix it via manual therapy and scar tissue removal.I was wondering in your medical expertise which regenexx procedure PRP, PL, Stem cells would help this condition and in what whats areas of the T10, T11 and L1, would it be ligaments? facet?, nerves? or the fascia itself? I recently had regenexx PRP PL injected into this area as well my l4 l5 s1 ligaments and facets. But I might need more work done and i want to be more thorough if I have to go that route. Unfortunately; I did not discover this condition exists until after my procedure for this is a condition not well known in the medical field. I will of course follow up with my provider and get there input to see if this could be the actual culprit behind my back pain. I just wanted your insight prior to my follow up, for I believe an educated patient makes the best of patients!


    Regenexx Team says


    Every case is different and what treatment is ultimately determined by exam, so the best person to answer that question would be the Regenexx provider you are seeing. Please see:


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