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Calorie Restriction works in Mice, In Monkeys Not so Much…

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calorie restriction

You may have read about the monkey study testing whether long-term calorie restriction could extend human lifespans. Researchers have been testing these over and under fed monkeys for decades based on the concept that calorie restriction in mice allows them to live allot longer. The good news is that underfed monkeys are healthier and fitter than their overfed and fat counterparts. But if it works in mice, will it work to prolong life spans in our closest animal cousin?  The answer appears to be what works well in rats doesn’t work so well in monkeys. 

The research group running the experiment reported last week that the skinny and underfed monkeys didn’t live any longer than their obese counterparts. Having said that, they were healthier and the effect may be difficult to spot in the small numbers tested. However, for now at least, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to severely limit your calories in a bid to live longer. However, staying thinner will keep the chronic diseases at bay! In addition, short term calorie restriction may help your stem cells.


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