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Centeno-Schultz Clinic Announces the Acceptance of Another Scientific Publication

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knee stem cell research



It seems like the number of U.S. doctors offering some kind of “stem cell therapy” for knees and other joints is exploding, most using shaker kits, processing in small hoods, or a bedside centrifuge. The problem is that there’s still very little real data published on human safety or efficacy of stem cell used in knees, hips, shoulder, or other joints. Since we’ve been treating orthopedic patients with their own stem cells since 2005 (not PRP which we have used as well, but stem cells) and collecting data meticulously since that time, we’ve published most of the human research in orthopedics in the U.S. to date. We’ve published case reports with MRI’s showing positive changes in knee cartilage attributed to stem cells as well other case reports showing MRI changes in the knee meniscus following stem cell treatment and in the hip after the patient’s own stem cells were injected. In addition, we’ve published the world’s largest complications reporting paper on stem cell use in orthopedics. We’ve also presented our knee and hip outcome data (221 patients) at the Orthopedic Research Society. We’ve presented our orthopedic stem cell research research at various international conferences such as the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, The McGowan Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, the Univeridad Catolica in Argentina, the International Cellular Medicine Society, the National Athletic Trainers Association, and will be presenting at the University of Wisconsin and the Vatican in Rome this October and November. We’re now proud to announce yet another scientific milestone, an even bigger complications reporting paper has just been accepted for scientific publication after peer review. Our first stem cell complications paper had 227 patients followed for between 3 months and 2-3 years and about 50-60 ultra-high field MRIs of the re-implant sites. Our new paper has 339 patients followed for up to 3-4 years with 210 MRIs of the places where cells were re-implanted. In addition, knee outcome data for Regenexx-C will also be published. This will include an analysis of our knee stem cell research and observations that the Regenexx-C procedure is dramatically safer than the knee replacement surgeries it helped many patients avoid. We’re in the galley proof stage on this bigger publication, so it will be a few months before it makes it into press. Also expect a paper more focused on knee/hip patient outcomes to be published sometime this year or early next, as that paper is winding it’s way through the scientific review process. The upshot? Check under the hood to see if the stem cell therapy you’re being offered has stood the test of time and peer review through scientific publication. Stem cell orthopedic treatments come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so make sure the specific therapy you’re being offered has data showing it works.


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