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Chemo can cause More Cancer by Injuring Healthy Cells

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chemo can cause more cancer

Chemo can cause more cancer by injuring healthy cells?  We’re only just beginning to learn how drugs impact cells. I’ve blogged before that we’ve seen many negative side effects of prescription medications on stem cells. For example, we’ve seen a reduction in stem cell yields with both Proscar and Propecia. Frankly, I didn’t know they were the same base chemical until recently, which works by reducing testosterone production. This concept of dramatically impacting one pathway in the body with a chemical sledgehammer is one of the big problems of modern medicine. Chemo used to treat cancer works in much the same way, in that you drop a chemical bomb and hope for the best. While physicians have always known that chemo has many very serious side effects, less known has been it’s impact on healthy cells. A recent study regrettably suggests a big problem, that the injury to healthy cells caused by the chemo can lead these cells to become cancerous. So while you kill the bad cells, you also make more bad cells. This is a huge blow to traditional oncology and makes the argument for less invasive cancer therapies like those pioneered by Burzynski. The upshot? We’re just beginning to see how chemicals impact your cells, which will likely soon be a whole new area of medication testing. In the meantime, cancer patients need access to less invasive therapies that attack only the bad cells!



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