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Comments Are Now Back Up and Running!

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Right after we switched to the new website, I got a few complaints about there being no comment system. I'd like to announce that after a few weeks hiatus, the comments section is back up and running! What we have now is also an improvement over what we had before. Let me explain. 

Our Old Comments System

Several years ago, we added a comments system to the blog. It was wildly popular, and many patients appreciated reading what others were saying. As we updated the website, as I discussed, we would need some time to get the behemoth we had back up and fully functional, and that included the comments section.

Our old system was pretty basic. It allowed you to leave a comment on a blog post by typing in your e-mail address and name. The upside was that it was quick to comment; the downside is that we had to moderate it quite a bit as, like all comments or discussion boards on the Internet, we had some trolls. 

The New Comments Section

Our comments system is now powered by Disqus. How is this better? First, since it's a popular comments system through many different big websites, you likely already have a Disqus account. In addition, we think that requiring a username and password to comment and the company maintaining a history on each user can help us keep trolls off the website.

Finally, there are many things you can do on Disqus that you couldn't do before:

  • Rich media can now be used in your comments, like animated gifs.
  • You're likely already logged in if you comment regularly around the Internet.
  • You can also log in with any of your social media accounts and can share your comments on other platforms!

Porting Over Old Comments

We will be bringing back our old comments from the last version of the website soon. This means that the old back-and-forth we had on the website will be back in place!

The upshot? We look forward to having you engage again! I love reading your comments as it helps me take the pulse of what patients are thinking and talking about outside of our office. So get logged in and let the back-and-forth begin!


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