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Compliments for Regenexx Network Provider New Jersey Sports Medicine

POSTED ON IN Latest News Regenexx Provider Network BY Chris Centeno

Regenexx Network Provider New Jersey Sports Medicine

Compliments for Regenexx Network Provider New Jersey Sports Medicine!  We pride ourselves in working hard to only allow quality physicians into our Regenexx Provider network. Below are some nice compliments from a patient for Dr. Malanga of New Jersey Sports Medicine:

“I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Malanga, and everyone at NJSM for the kind treatment and superb care I received yesterday. I am grateful to have access to such excellent, progressive care. Sure, it hurt a bit, as I expected, but it’s inevitable when injecting directly into ligaments and tendons. I could tell how gentle Dr. Malanga was being, and also how precise. I’m only a bit sore today, well within a manageable range, and it’s so worth it for the results I hope to reap..

 I really appreciate you and Dr. Malanga handling my many questions. Being this well informed will give me the best chance at success, and your kindness (and everyone else’s) made the whole experience as pleasant as it could possibly be.”



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