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Disc Repair Update

POSTED ON IN Back/lumbar Regenexx-C BY Chris Centeno

Just saw the disc rehydration patient back in follow-up who is the subject of this post.  It’s important to note that this is a patient who at the time of her Regenexx-C procedure had already failed lumbar discectomy, epidurals, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc…

She’s still doing very well.  Thought I would give a list of her reported improvements at about 3-4 months post procedure:

1.  More mobility, she can now bend all the way forward.

2.  More ability to exercise without pain.

3.  No more leg pain, weakness, numbness.

4.  Elimination of upper back and neck pain.  She believes this was all compensating for her low back.

Her back pain is down more than 90%.  She has now decided to go back to acting and modeling due to her new ability to exercise and stand for long periods.

I think this patient as well as others we have treated for lumbar disc hernations and buldges represents and new era in pain management.  For the most part, we pain doctors and surgeons have only been able to manage people’s disc problems.  Even when we surgically trim the disc, we’re not fixing anything, just buying some time by getting pressure off of a nerve.  The disc never goes back to it’s old self of being a good shock absorber, at worst it’s just waiting to fail at a later date or at best slowly deterioarting and contining to lose it’s ability to protect the surrounding bone, joints, and nerves.  However, the ability to fix discs opens up a whole new world for both doctors and patients.  You want to know what pain was coming from the bad disc?  Fix it and see what’s left.  Novel concept.

This patient was treated with the Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell injections). Finally, please recognize that not every patient with chronic back pain can expect to see the same result from this procedure.


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