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Does injecting stem cells IV do anything?

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Injecting Adult Stem Cells IV Doesn’t Work (Unless You Have a Lung Problem)

A recent study has shown what seemed obvious, out of country stem cell outfits injecting adult stem cells via an intravenous route fail to get those cells to the target organs being treated. Regrettably, these cells don’t end up in the brain, liver, heart, joints, pancreas, etc… they end up in the lungs.  This is similar to the hepatic first pass effect seen in drug delivery (in that case it’s the liver).  At this point in time, credible stem cell delivery is direct to the organ or tissue being treated.  So if you want cells in the liver or brain, you have to place them there.  If you want cells in the joint or in a tendon tear, again you have to place them directly in that area.  Organizations doing this type of credible adult stem cell delivery include Regenerative Sciences and Regenocyte.  There are also outfits in Asia who understand this type of delivery.


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