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Dr Centeno Lectures at Baylor College of Medicine this Friday

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Dr Centeno lectures

Dr Centeno was asked by his former residency program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas to be their 13th Annual William P. Blocker speaker. He will be lecturing on Friday May 22nd from 8:30 am-12 p.m. on the following:

-Interventional Orthopedics: How the Past of this Medical Center Predicts the Future of PMR-30 min, 20 min Q and A

The distant past of the Texas Medical Center is rich in surgical innovations in cardiac care. However, from the 1980’s onward, Cardiovascular Surgery began to be replaced by a less invasive medical specialty – Interventional Cardiology. This same transition is beginning in orthopedics, with more and more orthopedic problems now being tackled through the percutaneous application of autologous biologic therapies rather than surgery. The future of that medical specialty, Interventional Orthopedics, is one where PMR will play a big role. What is Interventional Orthopedics and how will it shape your future?

-Autologous Biologics – The Basics – 30 min, 20 min Q and A

From platelet rich plasma to bone marrow or fat stem cells, the possibilities for orthopedic care using autologous biologics have exploded in the past decade. However, understanding the basic science behind these preparations is critical to their effective use. This lecture will cover platelet rich plasma, platelet lysates, same day autologous bone marrow procedures, adipose stromal vascular fraction, and cultured mesenchymal stem cells. It will also review the data showing that many common injectates currently used in musculoskeletal care such as corticosteroids and local anesthetics are toxic to stem cells and local orthopedic tissues.

-Data from a National Non-surgical Registry for Orthopedic Patients Treated with a Unique Protocol of Bone Marrow Concentrate and Mesenchymal Stem Cells – 30 min, 20 min Q and A

The data from a national registry tracking thousands of non-surgical, stem cell treated patients will be reviewed. This will be discussed in terms of outcome (Numerical Pain Scores, Area Specific Validated Functional Questionnaires, and Patient Self-Report of Percentage Improvement) for each body area such as knee, hip, shoulder, etc… Trends in the dataset that provide insights into patient selection to maximize outcome will also be reviewed. Finally, early RCT data from several studies ongoing at Centeno-Schultz clinic will be presented.

-What’s Next? -30 min, 20 min Q and A

The next 30 years will be transformative in orthopedic care as various types of cell based therapies compete for producing the best outcome. As the first “Cell Drugs” come to market, many will likely not outperform existing autologous biologics for cost and efficacy. However, the second and third generation of these products may produce a watershed moment in medicine. How the regulatory and research environment impact the pace of these breakthroughs will also be reviewed.

The lecture will be held at UT Medical School; 6431 Fannin St. MSB B612; Houston, Texas


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