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Dr. Centeno Speaks at the Napa Pain Conference Today

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This is one of two talks that I’m delivering at the Napa California pain conference today. This lecture is on the 9,000 cases we’re tracking that have received Regenexx same day stem cell procedures. Enjoy!


    Dr Susan Ellis says

    I have a recently diagnosed full thickness tear of the left supraspinatus tendon. I am interested in participating in your trial. How do I go about finding out if I am eligible ?


    Chris Centeno says

    Dr. Ellis,

    Here is the information, including the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the Rotator Cuff Study:


    Linda Payson says

    I am very interested in this procedure compared to the traditional total hip replacement surgery. Are there any clinical trials occuring for this procedure at the current time? I am 70 years old, weigh over 240 pounds, have type 2 diabetes, NASH and polymyalgia rheumatica. My finances do ot allow for this procedure, but I feel that I would make an excellent clinical trial participant. Thank you!


    Chris Centeno says

    Unfortunately, not at this time. The two we are currently recruiting for are for ACL and Rotator Cuff Procedures:


    frannie leopold says

    Hello Dr Centeno,
    I am a musician with osteophytes and arthritis in my hands.It's getting more difficult to play mandolin and guitar.
    I also had a recent itial. eval. at Heath link clinic in SanRafael for my left ankle.
    can you help my hands ?( i have current xrays) Where do I go?
    Thank you
    Frannie Leopold


    Chris Centeno says


    The osteophytes, which mean bone spurs and arthritis in your hands are very treatable. Please see: The procedure in the video was performed by Dr. Pitts at the Centeno Schultz Clinic in Broomfield, CO. If you'b be interested in having theprocedure done there, let us know and we'll put you in touch with someone to set that up. Alternatively, the San Rafael office also treats hands so you could contact them about that additional treatment.


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