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Dr. Centeno to Speak in Dubai in Janurary

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Dr. Centeno to speak at Arab Health Symposium

I grew up as a kid fascinated by science who like many of the youth my age had that fire stoked by the Apollo space program. However, before that I was actually fascinated by Ancient Egypt. So several months ago, when a colleague in Dubai asked me to speak at the Arab Health symposium on next generation shoulder treatments, I decided this would be a great opportunity to speak in a new part of the world about my decade long passion for stem cell use in orthopedic injuries. However, I soon realized that I could also to get a flight over to Egypt and check out the sights!

First, I’m very honored to be speaking opposite Philippe Hernigou, a true pioneer in orthopedic same day stem cell procedures and one of the few people on earth who has been using these technologies longer than I have. Second, I’ll get a chance to share some of our registry research on same day stem cell use in shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears and update everyone on the preliminary results of our randomized controlled trial results on rotator cuff tears. I’m also excited to meet some colleagues who I know through social media on Linkedin, but have never met in person.

Egypt for some reason, has fascinated me since I was a small child. While Cairo and Dubai are 4 hours apart (not exactly close), this should prove a great opportunity to check out the pyramids and then head down to Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings. After watching a few dozen¬†documentaries on these places, perhaps it’s time to see them in person!

The upshot? I look forward to lecturing in Dubai on the 26th of January and to meeting many new colleagues in person! Who knows, maybe there will be a Regenexx Dubai one day! In the mean time, given that my career choice veered from Egyptian archaeology to medicine, perhaps I can get to be a kid again for a few days checking out the great Pyramids or looking for the cartouche of Ramses the Great (one of the few I know by sight) in the valley! Time to brush up on my hieroglyphs!


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