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Dr. Chris Centeno to Speak at the NFL Combine

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Regenexx has seen its share of NFL athletes throughout the years, helping them to return to play with stem cell injections. So I’m honored this year to be an invited speaker at the NFL Physician’s Society Scientific Session, which will be held in conjunction with the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine. I’ll be speaking on stem cells–what’s real and what’s hype. My goal is to educate the NFL team physicians, so they can better educate their players about how this technology can best be used to keep them in the game!

If you haven’t already, take a moment to watch the gripping story of Jarvis Green, Regenexx patient and two-time Super Bowl Champ, in the video below!

Jarvis Green – Never Quit

From a young boy struggling to get through a football practice, to a 2X Super Bowl Champion, Jarvis tells his story of pain and struggle following knee surgeries, and his return to form following a Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure.

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    stef says

    Good for everybody... but you should watch will smith movie concussion before... you won't see football the same way.


    Chris Centeno says

    It was a powerful movie...


    Denis says

    Hope the speech and Q&A goes well. I'm reading more media reports about the trend of NFL players 30 and under retiring early and walking away from millions of dollars -- from (legitimate) fear of brain injury and future disability (e.g., former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Tillis saying he has seen players who can't pick up their kids). But seeing as how the average NFL career length is only a little over 3 years (per the NFL Players Assoc, longer if you believe the NFL), if you get to that elite level, I see how NFL players would want to make as much money as they can during the short window of their pro football careers and do whatever they can to get back on top. Are knee tears the most common treatment you perform on NFL players? How about high ankle sprains and other lower extremity injuries? And have you ever treated any former NFL (or NBA) players who are suffering from post-career maladies? Thanks.


    Chris Centeno says

    Yes, yes and yes.


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