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Goodbye from Grand Cayman!

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Sting Ray City after week of Regenexx-C

This was another very successful clinic week in the Cayman Islands! Above is a picture of my family and I at Sting Ray City. This is a sandbar in the middle of a local sound where fishermen used to clean their nets and equipment, which would attract the rays. It’s now a tourist stop where the sting rays are like big golden retrievers waiting to be fed!

I’ll be back here staffing this advanced stem cell clinic in November around Thanksgiving, in March around spring break, and then again in July of 2015. We will also have a clinic staffed every month for Regenexx-C procedures and are now just restarting our licensed, advanced disc bulge procedure.

The cruise above is offered by an Italian family and we loved it because it’s a small group (unlike some of the big tour operators which are at some of the hotels). As an example I think we had about 15 in our group while the major tour boat must have had 100 people! The family that staffs the boat is lovely and they sail that catamaran back, which is really peaceful! Highly recommended (plus they serve good pizza on the way back which my 10 year old thought was heaven)!

The Regenexx-C procedure is not approved by the US FDA and is only offered in countries via license where culture expanded autologous cells are permitted via local regulations. 


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