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POSTED ON 2/23/2017 IN Healthy Lifestyles BY Christopher Centeno

Being a healthy person is about living a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, and Dr. Pitts not only teaches and encourages this concept, he practices what he preaches. So what exactly does he preach? The implementation of lifestyle changes to improve your overall quality of life through avenues such as physical activity, diet, posture and alignment, and utilizing your body's own healing mechanisms.

Dr. Pitts Setting an Example

“I think it's very important as physicians that we need to be a role model and set the example for patients,” Dr. Pitts states in his profile video above. “How can I tell a patient to eat healthy if I don't eat healthy myself? How can I tell a patient you need to exercise and be fit if I'm not fit myself?” So what exactly does Dr. Pitts do to stay fit? For starters, tennis, running, basketball, yoga, softball, weight lifting, hiking, climbing, scuba diving, and since moving to Colorado to join us at the Centeno-Shultz Clinic, even snowboarding, which he admits was a challenge at first but is something he loves. So the real question is, what doesn't Dr. Pitts do? Why so many activities? Dr. Pitts believes in diversifying workouts. The variety improves posture and alignment, strengthens more muscle groups than one activity alone, and lessens the risk of overuse injuries. Additionally, it switches up the routine so workout boredom doesn't set in.

The Healthier You Are, the Better You Heal

Dr. Pitts emphasizes to his patients and others a lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise, and doing activities in a safe way. His book Nutrition 2.0 (which can be downloaded for free at this link) is a concise guide to living healthy, and it provides simple things you can do to either maintain or work toward a daily healthy lifestyle. Another benefit to living a healthy lifestyle Dr. Pitts explains is that  “when you're doing treatments that involve regenerative medicine and you're utilizing your own body's healing mechanisms, the healthier you are the better you heal up.” Most physicians just treat the symptoms of a problem. They might use steroid injections to address chronic pain, but they don't trace the pain to its source—the real problem causing the pain. They just keep throwing steroids at the symptom. Dr. Pitts and the other regenerative medicine doctors at Regenexx take a holistic approach, focusing on treating and preventing problems by using the body's own innate healing mechanisms to repair tissue and improve function. So the healthier you are, the healthier your healing mechanisms are and, in turn, the better you heal.

More About Dr. Pitts

Dr. Pitts isn't just an example of living out a healthy lifestyle, he's also an inspiration of success and hard work. Raised by a single mom on the South Side of Chicago, Dr. Pitts learned independence and responsibility at a young age because his mother had lost use of her legs due to polio when she was five years old. His mother, a very positive woman, stressed the importance of education and believed in him, telling him he could be anything he wanted to be. Dr. Pitts attributes the qualities she instilled, combined with great mentors, hard work, and lots of luck, to his own success. Read more about Dr. Pitts's professional path at this link. Dr. Pitts is truly passionate about helping his patients succeed with lifestyle changes and experience optimal performance following regenerative-medicine treatments. Nothing shows it better than his face at the end of his profile video. Watch, enjoy, and be inspired!    

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