Your Stem Cells and Breakfast Cereal are a Drug...

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The FDA announced yesterday, with much fanfare, that your breakfast cereal will now be treated as a drug, with the FDA monitoring it's claim that it can lower your cholesterol.  At first I thought this was a story out of the Onion, but it's real.  This of course makes about as much sense as your stem cells are a drug, but heck, once we get past the patent's own stem cells, and our breakfast cereal, I think anything's fair game.  What's next?  Fertilized embryos?  How about dress socks?  Maybe the veins harvested for bypass surgery?  That is the issue.  At what point does the "we declare it a drug because we said so" game actually stop?

I do like the comment of one blogger that I'll repeat here: "Why stop there?  It can be clinically proven that food is the only cure for death by starvation, therefore grocery stores will have to become drug stores, and instead of a shopping list we'll need to carry weekly prescriptions for bread and milk."

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