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Helping a Soccer Player with Knee Meniscus Tears get his Game Back with Stem Cells

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knee meniscus stem cell

Can the pain from an unstable knee with knee meniscus tears be helped with stem cells? VM is a 33 year old recreational soccer player who was first seen by our clinic in Jan 2012. At that point he had suffered with two years of left greater than right knee pain.  He had no specific injury, but he noted pain with activity that was slowly increasing over time, especially with running.  This was worse the day after he played soccer or ran. The patient had the Regenexx-SD knee meniscus stem cell treatment in January 2012 to treat bilateral meniscus tears and the ACL and LCL ligaments. Here was his report as of a few weeks ago:

“As for my current situation, so far better. Yesterday was my 3rd soccer game I played. First 2 games I played keeper and last night 1st half player on field. I ran and felt good, and today for me was the key cause normally before the injections, after running the next day pain would kick in big time. Today and since I been running and playing soccer, I am pretty much pain free. Long story short there is a major difference.”

MV may or may not need additional treatments, but for now all appears to be holding well.



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