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Helping a Veterinarian Get Back to Trail Running

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knee stem cell injection

JY is a middle aged, ex-Rugby player and now ex-long-distance trail runner who fractured his knee cap about 10 years ago and had a partial menisectomy surgery (knee “clean-up surgery where they removed a portion of a torn meniscus”). He did relatively well until the end of last year when he began getting significant right sided knee pain while he was traveling. His new MRI showed a another meniscus tear, so he signed up for his second meniscus surgery where they removed even more of the damaged meniscus. This time the surgery didn’t work and he needed to get his knee drained a few times due to the swelling after the surgery. After that he also tried hyaluronic acid injections and these didn’t help. He was using a medial unloader brace when we first evaluated him in March of this year. He’s a local veterinarian, so he knew that continuing to surgically remove more and more of his knee meniscus would only lead to more knee arthritis. He had also observed stem cell therapy work in many a dog’s knee, so he figured it was his time to give stem cell shots a try.Since we have been able to help others with a meniscus tear get back to running without the need for more knee surgery, so we thought the stem cell knee injection was a reasonable fit. The patient had two Regenexx-SD stem cell injection procedures into his meniscus tears using ultrasound imaging to guide the knee stem cell injection, MCL, and pes anserine tendons 6 weeks and 3 weeks ago. He sent us this e-mail today in response to his progress thus far:

“doing better, feel my range of motion and pain down 80%…can walk pretty much pain free but cant run yet…will be in june 1 for follow up and explore doing therapy on my left knee..i have given out 5 of your cards, so you have convinced me this is the way to go…”

We hope to get JY back to trail running soon and we’re glad to see that he’s finally experiencing the same types of results for his “dogs” that he’s seen in the dogs he treats!

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