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Helping a Woman’s Knee Arthritis with Stem Cells

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knee stem cell

Can a knee stem cell treatment help knee arthritis in an older woman who also has back problems? LN is a 60 year old woman with a two year history of knee pain on the left and a 10 year history on the right.  Because of this moderate to severe pain she avoided stairs, water aerobics, and spinning and had gained weight because of the inactivity.  On the left she had arthroscopic surgery 8 years prior. SynVisc injections helped some while cortisone injections were no help. In fact, bilateral knee cortisone injections one year prior had significantly flared up both knees. Her knee MRI’s showed severe medial compartment arthritis with an extruded meniscus as well as problems in the ACL ligament. She also had a history of low back issues. She had Regenexx-AD stem cell procedures in Oct and Dec 2010 and after a partial response had Regenexx-C stem cell procedures in March, May, and Nov 2011. She’s now about 8 months out from her last knee injection. We also performed Regenexx-PL Disc procedures on her low back. This is what her husband reports to Dr. Hanson:

“I wanted to thank you for changing my wife’s life. I can’t believe how effective the Regenexx treatments have been on both of her knees and her back.Two years ago she was having great difficulty with pain in both knees and her back.Her quality of life has improved dramatically. The treatments she received in Colorado helped significantly with the Cayman Island treatment having a very dramatic positive impact. Prior to the treatments she avoided going up/down stairs and had difficulty exercising. Today she does spinning, elliptical and goes up and down stairs w/o a problem.

When I think of the alternative she was facing with  knee replacements and the related risks and recuperation required, the results she experienced were like a miracle.

 Again, thanks for making L’s quality of life so much better.”

Again, we’re not able to help every patient. However, LN stuck it out and when the same day procedures weren’t enough to get her where she wanted to be, she moved on to the cultured procedure.


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