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Helping Hip Arthritis with Stem cells

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hip arthritis with stem cells

TB was a 53 year old woman who was first seen in our clinic by Dr. Hanson in October of 2011. She had worsening right greater than left hip and groin pain due to arthritis that had further progressed the last year. She had trouble sitting and moving her leg outwards and was told that we have had good results helping hip arthritis with stem cells and that for a cultured stem cell procedure (Regenexx-C in the Caymans), the more severe right hip was a FAIR candidate and the opposite with less severe arthritis was a GOOD candidate. Her MRIs did show loss of cartilage as well as bone cysts and swelling, which are common in more severe hip arthritis. She had her own cultured stem cells injected back into both hips at the end of January 2012. Dr. Hanson used exacting placement of the cells using both ultrasound and fluoroscopy. She just wrote Dr. Hanson about her 10 month results, reporting 80% improvement. Since she still has some pain with hip abduction, she’s asked if she should consider another injection of the cells she has saved in the Caymans from the first procedure. This is a great feature of the Cayman’s site, as it allows patients who are prolific cell growers to “bank” cells for future use. This not only saves time, but money as well. The upshot? The Cayman Islands are traditionally known for another type of banking, but “stem cell banking” is allowing this patient to get additional treatments without having to go through another stem cell harvest procedure!

NOTE:  RegenexxCayman is an independently owned and operated medical services provider operating exclusively in the Cayman Islands and is not part of or affiliated with the Centeno-Schultz Clinic or any U.S. Regenexx Network provider. The Regenexx-C procedure licensed by RegenexxCayman is not approved by the U.S. FDA for use in the United States.  80% improvement can not be expected for all Regenexx-C patients.


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