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Improve Stem Cell Health: Making Fat Stem Cells Better

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improve stem cell health

Can you improve stem cell health through supplements? One of the issues with fat stem cells is that in overweight patients they don’t have the same potency as they do in patients with less fat to lose. The biggest issue is that the chronic inflammation involved in the metabolic syndrome that comes with the extra weight likely hurts these fat stem cells. However, a recent study on the supplement resveratrol shows that it may be helpful in making fat cells healthier.

Resveratrol is isolated from grapes and certain roots. It’s become famous for activating the SIRT-1 gene, which is associated with the beneficial effects of fasting. For example, animals who have this gene activated seem to live longer. As a result, it’s been thought for some time that resveratrol is the chemical in red wine that allows our French cousins to enjoy longer lives. In addition, it can also help cartilage in lab studies, making it something to consider for patients with arthritis. 

The authors of this study first looked at the effects of 96 hours of a low sugar and low calorie diet. This activated the SIRT-1 gene and improved the ability of fat cells to secrete good and helpful chemicals. You see, fat cells (including fat stem cells), in heavier people produce loads of pro-inflammatory chemicals that hurt the body and perpetuate more fat. In addition, the diet also caused the fat cells to reduce chronic inflammation. In the more recent study, they found that the supplement resveratrol basically did similar things without the starvation diet. It also activated the SIRT-1 gene, caused the fat cells to produce good chemicals, and reduced chronic inflammation.

The upshot? This finding is likely why we observed that resveratrol performed so well with in our lab tests with human stem cells. As a result, we made it a key ingredient in our stem cell support supplement. In addition, if you’re considering a fat stem cell treatment and carry around extra pounds, you likely should be thinking about cleaning up those fat stem cells before you use them. Resveratrol may be one supplement strategy you may want to try.


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