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POSTED ON 6/3/2011 IN Industry News BY Christopher Centeno

Centeno Schultz Paper

We pride ourselves in our willingness to present our data to our medical colleagues for review and publication. We believe in the peer review process, which is one where other doctors review the data a physician is suggesting be published to make sure it's high quality, clear, and forms the basis for a significant contribution the advancement of medical knowledge. As a result, we've published case reports showing evidence that knee cartilage, hip bone, and knee meniscus tissue has been repaired when we injected the patient's own stem cells. We've published the world's largest safety study in orthopedic stem cell use and submitted another yet larger study for review. We are now in the process of having several important outcome papers reviewed for publication that will compare the efficacy to our stem cell injection treatments for issues like knee arthritis, hip arthritis, ankle arthritis, shoulder rotator cuff tears, and low back disc bulges to an untreated comparison group. In the midst of all of this, I was asked by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons to write a review article on the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedic Injuries. The goal for this peer reviewed Centeno Schultz Paper was to provide basic science background about why these cells might be important, how we use them, some of our results, and finally the public health rationale for the regulatory landscape. Again, our goal is to continue to publish our work so that our medical colleagues have more and more information about the effectiveness (or lack thereof in certain conditions) of adult stem cells when injected into arthritic joints and partially torn tendons and ligaments.

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