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The field of age management parallels the development of the stem cell/practice of medicine phenomenon. The concept of treating things like Andropause (lowered hormone levels in middle aged men that often lead to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes) was foreign in the 1990's. Several pioneering physicians fought an uphill battle for their patients to define this new field, produce research, and prescribe drugs off-label or have drugs compounded that weren't FDA approved. While the early battles for this new medical field were tough, ultimately physicians prevailed and now have the right to treat these diseases of aging. One of the oldest and most respected of these original age management practices is Cenergenics. I was asked by this group to help them vet various stem cell therapies that are being offered around the world, so these dedicated doctors could help their patients make informed choices about whether they wanted to access these therapies. In many ways, the physician practice of stem cell therapy is at the same place as the age management medicine phenomenon was in the 1990's, fighting an uphill battle for physicians to offer innovative therapies to their patients without federal involvement. One of the things I have insisted on in adding stem cell therapies to the Cenergenics referral list is that all of the clinics on that list will participate in a mandatory 3rd party ICMS registry process. This means every patient treated is required to be entered into a complications and outcome registry so that this data can be reviewed by qualified professionals to help patients better understand the risks and benefits of these new procedures. For more information, here's a San Francisco Chronicle article on this topic.

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