Dr. Centeno to Present Regenexx-C vs. Regenexx-SD Data at U of Wisconsin

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Renenexx-C vs. Regenexx-SD

The University of Wisconsin family medicine department has had a long history in Regenerative Medicine. When the rest of the world was getting infatuated with steroid shots that were eventually determined to be harmful, these physicians continued to use a simple regenerative technique known as prolotherapy. Time proved them right, as regenerative medicine has continue to evolve and indeed explode in recent years. Now the U of W puts on an annual research symposium on regenerative medicine, where I was glad to present last year. This day of research is now focused on everything from prolotherapy to platelet rich plasma to stem cells. This year Dr. Centeno will be presenting his research showing the comparison between the outcome of same day stem cell procedures versus cultured stem cell procedures (Regenexx-C vs. Regenexx-SD). 

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