Evolving the Regenexx Logo...

POSTED ON 11/11/2015 IN Industry News BY Christopher Centeno

evolving the Regenexx Logo

Regenexx as a company has been steadily evolving through the years. We've grown from a small medical clinic in Colorado to more than 30 sites. We've added many members to our team as well as copious research horsepower. As a result, it was time that our logo reflected that dynamic growth. However, how do you evolve a 10 year old logo to represent these things that's still recognizable to patients and physicians who know the old one? Thankfully our media experts at Klein New Media were up to the task. Above you can see the old Regenexx logo. It was meant to show that at the time, Regenexx was a platelet based stem cell technology and the little shapes to the left are stylized platelets. Since then Regenexx has grown into a dynamic biotechnology company, so how could we keep our roots and express that kinetic forward movement? Klein New Media stretched our platelet shapes into a circle that embodies that constant innovation and forward looking energy. In addition, the circle also represents that we're now a global company. We've  treated patients from all continents (except I believe Antarctica) and have network physicians that span across the US to Australia and are discussing additional network sites in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, the circle represents how we approach patients. One of the reasons we're so picky about adding new physicians to our network and so focused on large amounts of ongoing training and collaboration is that our approach to patients is whole body or holistic. Our network doctors all understand that throwing magic stem cells only at the area that hurts is usually not the best game plan for optimum results. Finally, the circle represents that at Regenexx, we have the whole continuous spectrum of support for our technology from lab research to clinical research to flexible lab platforms to advanced treatment. When you're seen at a Regenexx site, it's not just a clinic who decided to buy a one sized fits all simple machine and hang up a shingle that they offer stem cells. The upshot? Regenexx has continued to evolve and our logo has now evolved with us. You'll begin seeing this logo appear on the web-site and on everything we do here in the next few weeks and months. Thanks to Klein New Media for helping our symbol to stay recognizable and to represent who we are at our core!  

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