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(Video transcript follows) It's Fox and Friends. Well, sports injuries are extremely painful, but even worse are the surgery and the recovery time it takes to rehab from a devastating setback. And now, a new breakthrough may have found a way to heal the pain more quickly. Alicia Acuna has more. Passing through this needle into Josh Velazquez' knee, 40 million stem cells. The injection is part of a breakthrough treatment in orthopedic medicine going to work on an old injury that once would have required surgery. Yeah, I'll get up and go to work. I've got some work to finish. Dr. Chris Centeno who developed this procedure extracted the stem cells from Josh's own bone marrow and says it could one day replace knee and hip surgeries altogether. Once extracted, the patient's stem cells are multiplied in a lab, then re-injected at the point of injury without any ethical or political overtones. So this is not embryonic stem cells. These are adult stem cells. And we all have them. They come straight from the patient's hip. And after spending time growing in the lab, are used to regrow cartilage and bone. Everyone who undergoes this procedure gets their own stem cells back, just more of them. So they set up a repair process. They act as both construction managers in that process, and as laborers, if you will, because they can turn into the end product that you need. The cartilage in Pixie Greenmyer's knee was severely damaged in a work out. The only option was going to be in five to 10 years, I was going to need a knee replacement. With a stem cell treatment, there was minimal pain. And the most important part for Pixie, a nurse, no scalpel. This is the medical future that's going to help a lot of people. The science could also be a hit with major league baseball. A New York Mets team doctor is researching whether stem cells may one day stave off rotator cuff injuries. But Dr. Centeno and others researching adult stem cells say this work may one day help heart attack victims and diabetics. The start of a beautiful relationship. In Denver, Alicia Acuna, Fox News. Did you see that lady going after that knee pad thing? What sport is that? It's part of kickboxing, because you can use your knees in kickboxing. When you get close in close combat-- Also, self-defense. You can knee them. For the ladies. Yeah, good self defense for ladies.

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