Introducing My Latest Book: Regenexx-ProActive!

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Regenexx Proactive Book We have a group of aging athletes that work in our office, who range in age form the 30s to the 50s. We all want to be that 80 year old who's still doing things normally reserved for much younger people. You know they guy or gal who's still riding 50 miles or climbing mountains or hiking everyday. To achieve that goal, it seems like every month one of us gets a precise injection of our platelets or stem cells into some aching part. This approach keeps us going and working out at high levels-catching small problems and treating them before they explode into bigger ones. Observing this phenomenon caused me to write this new book-Regenexx-ProActive. After all, why should only the insiders benefit from this high level of care and attention? What's ProActive? We've been taught to ignore the complaints of our musculoskeletal system due to the 1980s mantra of "no pain, no gain". The problem is that by doing this, many patients end up being surprised when that critical part breaks and they can no longer run, jog, or do what they love. ProActive teaches you how to pay attention to the messages your body sends you, just like you pay attention to the status updates from your phone. By listening, you can figure out what's about to break and intervene before life changing disability catches you by surprise! What's an example? Well, even the doctor gets caught not paying attention! Last year I noticed that throwing the football with my son caused my right thumb to go numb. I ignored it. A few months later I had a major blow up of my neck (that thumb was was due to an irritated C6 nerve in my neck). While we got it under control with Herculean injection efforts just about the time that most patients would have been getting neck surgery, it was an important lesson. Had I just paid as much attention to my body as I did to my phone, I would have dodged a huge bullet! So now when I know my neck stabilizers are going off line and the pressure is building in my neck, I get a quick injection of the growth factors from my own blood platelets around the pissed off nerves in my neck, and don't miss a day at the gym! Or when my left knee begins to ache, I use a quick injection of super concentrated platelets to keep it going while I continue to strengthen my butt muscles on that side to take pressure off an overloaded patella. The upshot? Learn to listen to your body and learn when to intervene early to keep going as you age. If you're like me, you want to be that guy or gal who's still kicking it when you're 80 that everyone talks about. Getting to that place requires either extreme luck or great decisions and a great maintenance plan! Enjoy!  

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