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Over the last few years, Regenexx has been steadily increasing its presence outside of the U.S. We now have sites in Austrailia, India, and Grand Cayman. We're also talking to physicians in the Middle East, China, and the U.K. However, this morning I'd like to highlight our first-trained and "ready to go" doctor in Europe, Dr. Rolandas Janušas in Brussels. Right now, Rolandas is Regenexx Europe! I first met Rolandas on LinkedIn and then had a chance to observe his excellent hands-on injection skills in person while teaching IOF courses here in Colorado. While he's an orthopedic spine surgeon, unlike many surgeons in the U.S., many European orthopedic surgeons have a long and steeped tradition in ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-guided injections. Rolandas also has an unusual background in advanced fluoro-guided spine injections. After spending time with him at our Colorado headquarters this week, I feel very confident that he will be a great addition to the Regenexx family in Europe! So what does this mean for Regenexx? Our goal is to continue to slowly grow our network of highly qualified and expertly trained physicians across the globe. We've been very impressed with the skills of our Australian site led by Dr. Kevin Boundy. This experience of being able to mentor and integrate a physician who is literally halfway around the world gave me a sense that it was time to open up the network to other qualified physicians who don't happen to practice in the U.S. So Regenexx Europe will add network providers, and eventually we'll have Regenexx China, Regenexx Middle East, etc... The upshot? If you're a highly skilled provider with expert musculoskeletal training, then consider applying to be part of the Regenexx Europe family. We want to ensure that patients all over the world no longer have to hop on a plane to benefit from advanced biologics and precise image-guided interventional orthopedics!  

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