Knee ACL Study Now Recruiting Patients

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knee acl study

New Knee ACL study!  Introducing the Regenexx-ACL study.  If you have a torn knee ACL, you may be a candidate. We've been using injected stem cells to treat ACL injuries for years with good patient reported and MRI imaging results. However, we also want to test what we do using a more rigorous study design, a randomized controlled trial. This knee ACL study will enroll patients with partial or complete non-retracted ACL tears. Half will be randomized to the treatment using the Regenexx-ACL procedure, while the other half will get physical therapy exercises for three months. The procedure will be provided at no cost. At the end of the three months, the group that got the exercises will cross over into the treatment side and receive the stem cell injections. If you know someone with a bad ACL, have them contact us at to see if they qualify for the study!

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