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regenexx las vegas

This week I traveled out to our Regenexx Las Vegas clinic for a site visit. Why? The goal of Regenexx is different from other outfits offering stem cell therapy. Everyone else looks at stem cells as magic pixie dust. To them, it doesn't much matter how you apply the stem cell pixie dust because it's all about selling more pixie dust to doctors. At Regenexx, we recognize that how the stem cells are harvested and applied is more important than anything else. So making sure that the handpicked and highly trained doctors at our sites can perform our precise image-guided procedures at a high level is incredibly important. I love the picture above because it shows the technology we use at Regenexx to take and place cells. This isn't simply a little ultrasound machine in some back office that's being used as a makeshift procedure room, but instead it's a real procedural suite. I've taken a picture of the complex machinery and engineering that goes into the table alone. This device is a carbon fiber ptable that can be tilted any which way and that allows the doctor to use both C-arm fluoroscopy (note that machine in the background) and ultrasound. The table alone is more expensive than the total spent on all of the equipment dedicated to injecting dead amniotic stem cells in the average chiropractor's office. The C-arm in the background costs as much as a condo. The high-end ultrasound machine costs half as much as a condo. If we forget about the cost of the equipment for a moment, the real difference is the guy standing there in the picture. Dr Kass was handpicked based on his training. We then spent three whole months training him to a higher level while he was in Colorado. Compare that to a doctor without any specific training taking a weekend course and buying a machine to make magic stem cell pixie dust or one that buys vials of dead stem cell fairy dust (amniotic or cord-blood cells).


Also note the picture of the Regenexx Las Vegas lab above. No simple bedside machines here, but a real stem-cell-processing lab that can use our procedure protocols to create exactly what the doctor and patient need! The upshot? Regenexx is very different. The fact that I'm blogging today from Las Vegas and that we care enough to make sure that our sites are offering high-quality care that's up to our standard is part of that difference. I have incredible confidence in the abilities of Dr. Kass to carry on the Regenexx name and standard in Vegas!

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