The Difference Between Amniotic Stem Cell Scams and Regenexx

POSTED ON 7/10/2018 IN Industry News BY Chris Centeno


There are many differences between real innovative stem cell care and the chiropractic clinic Amniotic Stem Cell Scams using dead amniotic stem cells. One of those is Candidacy grading. This means that the physician offering the care has extensive data that he can reference to determine whether or not the patient is a Good, Fair, or Poor Candidate for a stem cell procedure.

Our Extensive Collected Data

Unlike Amniotic Stem Cell Scams, Regenexx tracks it’s patients in the world’s largest stem cell patient registry in the world. Run by a nonprofit organization called the Interventional Orthopedic Foundation, patients are entered into the registry at the time of their procedure and are tracked for 10 years. They are contacted at predetermined time points and are asked questions about their pain level, their function, their percentage of improvement and whether they have experienced any type of complications.  This is significant because outcome studies in Orthopedics are usually based on the Orthopedic Surgeon’s subjective opinion of how successful they feel their surgery was, rather than the patient’s objective real life experience of pain, function and outcome over time. Regenexx Physicians have access to this extensive data base to assist in Candidacy rating for all of our procedures and can see for instance, what ACL tear type, and femoral and offset measurements, resulted in the most successful results of our groundbreaking Perc-ACL procedure.

Our registry data is also available on our website in 2 Outcome formats for patients.  “Regenexx® Patient Outcome Data by Areas Treated” , has infographics detailing the results for each body area treated, and our new “RegenexxLive Patient Outcome Data” which is a live interactive platform in which you can see Percent Improvement, Pain and  2 different types of Function scores for each area treated.

The combination of our Registry data, and our ongoing research resulted in a published paper on hip arthritis patients, which brought us to the conclusion that for Hip arthritis, which is very different than knee arthritis, the Candidacy rating metrics needed to be different. We concluded that Hip patients who are over 55 and who have severe Hip arthritis are Poor candidates for the same day stem cell procedure.

A Patient Compares the Regenexx Approach to a Chiropractic Amniotic Stem Cell Scams

This was posted on our Facebook page and I think it says it all…

Cecilia- I almost was lured in by this fake stem cell , chiropractic clinic not far from my house! Went to a lunch “seminar ” in a restaurant with a gorgeous sales guy , who was talking very fast and showing a video also very fast! So I went for the free consult! In a chiropractic clinic! Oh by the way they were the amniotic stem Cells! As soon as I walked into that clinic, I had a strange feeling. They gave me a kind of X-ray with a little machine I’d never seen before and said, I was definitely a good candidate because there was still space available, by the way it’s my left hip , which needs a hipreplacement. I thought , whooo , whooo, good news. So I went in to see the “doctor” and he was pushing me to do it NOW (wow that turned me even more off) I probably needed 2 injections (blind by the way) and the first one would cost me $5000 but I could get 2 injections for $6000 if I was willing to give a video testimony! I left that clinic and I never called them and they never got back to me!

So in the meantime I found Regenex and started to study your company for a long time and filled in the patient form and made an appointment for April 10 in Vista ,California with dr. Cohen. What a wonderful doctor and clinic! Unfortunately I was not a good candidate because of my age (72) and the state my hip was in, I would only have a 30% improvement chance and he told me , if I was his mother, he would not advise the stem cell treatment! It was a bummer off course to hear that, but I really appreciate his honesty! He said to do the operation( what I really dread and I am freaking out) because it would improve my hip and come back then for my two knees, who are not that bad yet!

So , I will have my surgery probably in October and after that do the stem cells treatment for my knees!”

The upshot? The Facebook comment above says it all. At Regenexx, we take this stuff seriously. At your local chiropractor’s office where you can get a dead amniotic stem cell injection delivered by a physician extender, it’s all about making the sale! Buyer beware…

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