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IOF 2018 Begins Today

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The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation is an organization I helped start, and today is its third annual conference. We have about 350 people in attendance, which in and of itself is a big achievement. This is also the year that we the founders hand over the organization to the next generation of physicians, as I’ll be “retiring” as its figurehead. That’s also a great thing.

What Is Interventional Orthopedics?

To learn more, see my video below:

What Does the IOF Do?

The IOF has become an educational organization. It will give 17 courses this year on a standard curriculum of 85 different procedures that currently make up the specialty. Below is a graph of the number of courses and physicians that the IOF has educated, year over year:

Giving Back to the Medical Community

Because the IOF is a nonprofit, its mission is to give back and not generate income for any one individual or investor group. As an example, at this year’s conference, the organization gave scholarships and provided travel and lodging expenses to 80+ residents and fellows from all over the U.S. Below is a sampling of the medical schools and hospitals represented at the conference:

Where Is the Organization Headed?

When I founded the IOF in 2015, the idea was to get it on its feet and then give it away to the next generation of physicians. That begins this year. The organization will identify two physicians to take it over starting in 2019 and nominate one as president and then another as president-elect. The goal is to have physicians who will move this forward who are not me. Why? Every organization with any legs long-term needs to have the ability to survive after the founders ride into the sunset.

The upshot? I’m excited about this year’s 2018 conference as we have an unbelievable list of speakers from expert physicians to university scientists. I’m also excited to turn the reins over to the next president of the organization and educate two physicians on how to keep the ball going and keep pushing the rock uphill!



    Edith(Edy)Johnson says

    Thanks for working and dedicating your life to this healing process.
    Big smiles to you.


    Regenexx Team says

    Thank you Edy! Very kind of you.


    Susan Moore Vault says

    Dr Chris, I feel so fortunate to have found you and Regenexx. Next week I go to the Caymans for my injections...knees, shoulders, and back. I have complete confidence and faith in your procedures. Thank you and Dr Schultz for dedicating yourselves to procedures that are the future of medicine. You are a visionary. Thank you.


    Barbara says

    I was very fortunate to be able to attend a few sessions of the conference last year thanks to Dr. Centeno. For that I am very grateful. Dr. Centeno's leadership has been outstanding. The amount of hard work he has done to help patients and other doctors alike is tremendous. Thank you again Dr. Centeno for all that you do.


    Regenexx Team says

    Thanks Barb, and thanks for all you do as well!


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