Pardon Our Dust...

POSTED ON 10/21/2018 IN Latest News BY Christopher Centeno

pardon our dust

These past few days you may have noticed that we're transitioning to a new website format. Given that the website is huge and has more than 3,000 pages, this has been a tough few days as we get the new website into shape. It's also interrupted my usual blogging. 

Our orthopedic stem cell website first began in 2007, after a 2-year study we undertook from 2005-2007. At that point, the website was a few pages. This is from the Internet Archive and here's an idea of what it looked like:

regenexx 2007

Sometime in 2008 or so I began blogging and by the time of our first website makeover, the site had a few hundred pages and by 2009, our website had yet another look:

regenexx 2009

Then, a few years later, by the next website update, it had maybe a thousand pages. From here it more evolved than had major changes: 

regenexx 2012

Finally, our last full website change was in 2015 and the massive at this point, so we had a few hiccups making the switch. This is what it looked like as of last week:

regenexx 2015

This new website is very different in that we moved from Wordpress to the Microsoft .Net architecture. In addition, the new site has many features that are more sophisticated than any other previous Regenexx website. Finally, given that we have an unprecedented amount of content on orthopedic stem cells and PRP, the new website organizes that content better than the previous one. 

Because we're switching from one major platform architecture to another, you'll likely experience a few issues this week. For example, the new comments system is not yet in place. The old comments have also not yet been imported from our prior site. The search feature is not yet fully functional. You may also find a few blogs with formatting issues like videos not working or other issues.

So I ask that you please pardon our dust. This website is massive and important. It will take us this week to get it back where we want it to be. However, once the site is fully functional, I think it will help more patients find more information more quickly, which is our ultimate goal. 

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