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My New Book: The Spine Owner’s Manual

POSTED ON IN Back/lumbar Latest News Neck/Cervical Upper back BY Chris Centeno

spine bookEver since I wrote the third edition of Orthopedics 2.0, I’ve dreamt of writing body-area-specific versions. You see, the issue with Ortho 2.0 is that it tries to cover so much of the real estate of the body, it’s tough to provide a lot of information about any one area. That’s now been fixed for the spine with The Spine Owner’s Manual.

This new book focuses on the neck, upper back, and lower back. It delves deep into how regenerative medicine applies to the spine. It also reviews how various stem cell and platelet-based technologies either work well, or don’t work well, for specific conditions.

This weekend, unsolicited, I got an e-mail from a medical-doctor colleague about the book:

“…I wanted to let you know that I just reread the Regenexx Spine Owner’s Manual today (I know “what a nerd”) and I wanted you to¬†let you know what a fantastic review of the subject it is ! You have masterfully blended various concepts into a unified review that is as comprehensive as anything I have read. It should be mandatory for all PM&R residents! You have many concepts that I have taught residents over the year PLUS many others.”

The upshot? I had a ball writing this book, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I love taking complex information and trying to make it simple so that anyone can understand it. Hopefully, I accomplished that here. Click on the book or this link to download your copy! In the meantime, I just finished “The Knee Owner’s Manual,” which should be available in the next month or so, once it gets past editing.


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