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New Regenexx Begins Video

POSTED ON IN Latest News BY Chris Centeno

I’m lecturing at the AAOM annual workshop in Denver this morning, so there’s not as much time to blog. However, several great videos were published on our YouTube channel this week, so I thought I would start introducing you to those. This one is how Regenexx began, where it came from, and the inconvenient truths in medicine that created it—enjoy!


    A Wescott says

    June 19 2017 had my stem cells reinfected in both knees... left is 100% better right is 60% better! Dr Pitts is my hero! Regenexx rocks!!


    Chris Centeno says

    A Wescott!
    Great news! We'll be sure to update Dr. Pitts.


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    Christopher J. Centeno, M.D. is an international expert and specialist in regenerative medicine and the clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells in orthopedics. He is board certified in physical medicine as well as rehabilitation and in pain management through The American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.…

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