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Professional Snowboarder Taylor Gold Reveals His Regenexx Stem Cell Treatment

POSTED ON IN Knee Procedure Outcomes BY Chris Centeno

taylor gold stem cells

We have treated many pro and college athletes through the years, but often they don’t want to talk about their treatment. Taylor Gold is an Olympic snowboarder who has been dogged by injuries and ineffective surgeries for years. This week he reported to his local newspaper his very personal story of recovery using the advanced culture-expansion site in Grand Cayman.

Professional Athletes and Stem Cells

If you have ever spent any time in our Colorado HQ site, you can see that our walls are lined with pictures of professional athletes. While a few will talk about their experiences publicly, professional team athletes, like football players, don’t generally want to talk about their experience. Why? Any admission of medical or orthopedic problems that require treatment reduces the contract value to an NFL player.

Taylor Gold

Taylor is a professional snowboarder who is a two-time U.S. Revolution Tour champion, 2013 Copper Mountain Grand Prix/World Cup champion, 2014 Red Bull Double Pipe and 2014 Burton US Open champion. He is also a 2011 FIS Junior World Championships silver medalist, 2013 Breckenridge Dew Tour iON Mountain bronze medalist, and Mammoth Mountain U.S. Grand Prix silver medalist (2013–14). He also competed for the United States in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Taylor initially fractured his kneecap several years ago and then had multiple surgeries, each to repair the damage of the last, including scarring in the joint. According to the Summit Daily News, “’I was struggling so much just to go up there and ride,’ Gold said. ‘The pipe was still really painful, and at that point, I had no idea what to do. I didn’t think I could ride as hard as I wanted to or needed to to make the (Olympic) team.’”

Treatment with Real Stem Cell Therapy

While there are many stem cell scams out there right now involving umbilical cord and amniotic stem cells that claim to deliver “millions” of stem cells to patients, if you really want to have millions of stem cells, there is only one way to do that for real. That involves taking your bone marrow or fat, isolating those stem cells, and culturing them to grow higher numbers over several weeks. That’s what Taylor did.

Taylor also received his injections from an expert in interventional orthopedics, to learn more about what that is, see my video below:

Taylor visited our Grand Cayman licensed advanced practice site, where growing stem cells is allowed. Why? His dad had been treated at our Colorado HQ site for his low back. So how did Taylor do? This is what the Summit Daily News recorded:

“Gold’s rehabbing process ran through the remainder of summer 2018, limiting his time to train for the season. He returned to the Switzerland training camp in fall 2018, nervous, since it had been the place he had decided he couldn’t contend for the Olympics.

But he rode the pipe with a strong, effortless finesse and no pain. The emotions overcame him.

‘I was maybe tearing up on the chair,’ Gold said.

His highest World Cup placement this season came in Laax, Switzerland, on Jan. 19, when he took 12th, but he had qualified the day before in second.

‘You saw him go from injured Taylor to 2014 Taylor,’ Bower said. ‘When he does come back next year, I expect him to be better than ever.’”

The upshot? Taylor found out what real stem cell therapy can do. We’re happy that he chose Regenexx and is back to competing for the Gold!

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    Rosalee vitez says

    Can a knee problem have more than one injection


    Regenexx Team says

    Hi Rosalie,
    A Regenexx stem cell knee treatment involves several injections. What knee issue are you inquiring about?


    Lee says

    Are my 64 year old stem cells a good candidate for my osteo knee problem? (bone on bone)


    Regenexx Team says

    Hi Lee,
    Your age is not an issue for Regenexx-SD knee stem cell treatment. Please see: All Regenexx patients go through a thorough Candidacy review. To begin that process please use the "Get Started" button here:


    Raymond Bryson says

    hi i been doing re gen research for 25 years and have developed tools and systems that aid the body in self regeneration. But here in Northern Ireland which is part off the UK,s NHS protectionist health system. when you say hips don,t need to be replaced you are called CRAZY or mad. I believe with the right tools and system for post and after care 99% of hips and knees and backs can be restored back to there original function and stem cells are a very important part of this system. Stem cell on there own are very dependent on the work that the patient put in on there part the system i have developed give them the support tools and equipment that will let the stem cells and platelet do there work


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