2012 Round-up: The Best Stem Cell Review Blog Posts You may Have Missed...

POSTED ON 12/31/2012 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

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Now that the world didn't end this year, I thought I'd pull together a round-up of the top 10 stem cell review blog posts and regenerative orthopedics posts of 2012. It's been an exciting year for the Regenexx team, as evidenced by these posts:

1. Billionaire philanthropist invests in the Regenexx team.  Dr. John Malone supported our growing effort to create the new field of Interventional Orthopedics using novel biologics like stem cells.

2. Steroid Epidurals in the News are Bad News-The NECC compounding tragedy forced the media's attention on to the problems with injecting steroids for spinal pain. One study in particular showed a frightening 600% increase in bone loss in middle aged and elderly women who received a single epidural steroid shot. 

3. Number 2 leads to number 3... The Regenexx-PL-Disc procedure (platelet growth factors injected epidural) beats the pants off of steroid epidurals when we analyzed our registry data on more than 200 patients.

4. Number 3 leads to number 4... The Regenexx-PL procedure shows promise in treating nerve injuries with several interesting cases being reported. While we're cautious about these findings as the conventional wisdom is that injured nerves are hard to treat, we're also optimistic based on what we've seen to date.

5. The Regenexx Network is announced. We have built a provider network of quality physicians by turning away about 8-9 in 10 doctors who are interested in performing the Regenexx procedures but who aren't qualified by training to optimally help patients with an Interventional Orthopedics approach.

6. Bloody PRP!!!-Several blog posts that link from this one described our lab data showing that the most commonly used type of mass manufactured bedside PRP inhibits stem cell growth when compared to SCP (our Super Concentrated Platelets).

7. Regenexx-SCP is chondrogenic. I've blogged several times on our quest to find a platelet rich plasma which is the best it can be to help cartilage heal. Along the way we've found some good candidates and confirmed that our SCP procedure is able to help stem cells produce cartilage components in the lab.

8. Regenexx-ACL Procedure is Announced-Why get your ACL ripped out and replaced by a poor substitute using invasive surgery when in our clinical experience certain types of ACL tears can be healed with a stem cell injection? 

9. Infographic Mania!!! OK, I went a bit nuts on the infographics, but I love seeing these things on the web as they combine visual creativity with loads of information. Here's a partial list: orthopedic stem cell types, SANS treatment approach, common causes of knee pain, common causes of hip pain, patellofemoral treatment, patellofemoral pain syndrome, Regenexx-SCP platelet infographics, Regenexx-C infographic, and Regenexx-SD outcomes.

10. Dr. Centeno Masters Animated GIFs! Sometimes in life it's the little things that matter. I was very proud of stringing together 5 frames from Dr. Hanson's shoulder SLAP tear injection of stem cells! Here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year from everyone who is part of the Regenexx team!  

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