2013 Regenexx Holiday Party

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csc holiday party  

Do you remember when you were a kid and you saw a teacher out at the mall? It was hard to conceptualize that they had real lives outside of the classroom. Last night was our annual Centeno-Schultz Clinic / Regenexx Holiday Party at our home in Boulder. Our crew has grown so large that in order for the party to now fit in our house, we had to temporarily enclose the porch for additional seating. We all gathered there at the end of the evening to hear Carl Measer (our practice's office manager) give out the annual ESPY Awards. It's an annual tradition with the tag-line, "There is no crying in Baseball..." It's sort of our annual clinic roast. My award was for Trash Talking, as since my college football team became number one they haven't heard the end of it! When I went to check my Google upload this morning of the pics I took last night, Google had woven together this animated GIF and I thought it nicely captured the frenzy of the night and our clinic awards (you may need some Dramamine if you stare at it too long). Up front to the right is Dr. Pitts and off to the left, Tim Snyder, our bio engineer. Then to the left Bria medical assistant, then Debbie Zinn our procedure room assistant. Off to the right are Carl's waving hands, and then Dr. Schultz's MA Aimee and our front desk receptionist Jen. Happy holidays from all of us at Regenexx!

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