A Better Platelet Rich Plasma: New Regenexx SCP Video

POSTED ON 6/22/2013 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

better platelet rich plasma

Our experience with using platelet mixes to stimulate stem cell growth in culture has given us a unique perspective on platelet rich plasma or PRP. PRP means that platelets are concentrated from the patient's blood and then injected to stimulate healing. This therapy has received a lot of attention recently due to high profile athletes that use it to stay healthy and heal injuries faster without surgery. The basic concept behind what  PRP should do seems to have been missed by many clinicians however. The growth factors in platelet rich plasma serve to stimulate local cells. The cells you would most want to stimulate for orthopedic injuries are mesenchymal stem cells that live in the area and are capable of tissue repair. So a PRP that's designed from the ground up so that it can act as an "Espresso Shot" for local stem cells is a better platelet rich plasma in our book. The video at this link explains our take on PRP. Take a few minutes to watch it! BTW, that tip to the new Superman movie...I loved it! If you're a Regenexx blog regular who sends me e-mails, drop me a line to let me know what you think.

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